A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

ver 1.0

All of a sudden a tiny white square finds itself in the black hollow world only filled with color-sparking silhouettes. Abstract-looking persons are asking strange questions and requesting tasks making a little no sense. Would you find all seven "effects"? Would you solve the mystery behind and reveal the bitter truth? The end is your choice.


  • A few worlds to explore
  • Bitsy protag
  • Ambient soundtrack
  • Two accessible endings based on choices you make

Collect all seven effects and then check the start point

Collected effects are used automatically by choosing them from "Items" menu.


  • Enter/Space/Ctrl to confirm/interact
  • Esc/Alt to decline/open menu
  • Save/Load/Option from menu

Average gameplay: 15-20 min

WARNING! : Please be sure you have the game's directory whitelisted for antivirus on-run scan(you can scan it manually) - game's data is rare-formatted.  By downloading and running it you confirm that I am not responsible for all kind of damage it may cause(though there shouldn't be any)! Minor seizure warning.

Install instructions

Unzip and run Px.exe to launch


px.zip 3 MB
px-mac.zip 3 MB
px-linux-x86.tar.gz 2 MB
px-linux-x86_64.tar.gz 2 MB
px-linux-deb-32-64.zip 4 MB


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was pretty difficult to navigate around, but I loved the style and music of this! 

Deleted post

Character is a white pixel. Supposed to be a kind of YN fangame due to the same general mechanics(collect usable effects, expore worlds from the nexus), still could be not called exactly fangame at some point.

Deleted post

Sorry, but that is the concept of this game, sure next games if I'll do any would be more graphics-based!/closed